Tuesday, October 28, 2008

First Birthday

We had such a wonderful day celebrating Grace’s first birthday. I prepared the birthday table the night before, I had fresh flowers on the table and placed the little crown that I had made next to the celebration spiral. The little dolls cradle that her Daddy made was wrapped and ready for her to open. Surrounded by her loving family we celebrated her first year together. Gracie watched intently as her family members offered their wish for her and placed their wooden figure in the celebration spiral.
 It is funny looking at her as a one-year-old. She pulls herself up on furniture and loves to walk around it. She is a happy little girl with a glint of cheekiness in her eyes.

I enjoyed her day, it was also an opportunity to reflect on and remember the past year and turn my thoughts back on the story of her birth - my, what a journey it has been!
Our little girl - just 2 hours old
With gratitude,
Bee x

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Kitty said...

Such a beautiful way to celebrate a birthday. It is nice to see you put so much thought into her special day. It would be lovely to see more families honour birth-days with such love and symbolism.