Monday, December 8, 2008

Beach therapy

A lovely afternoon was spent down at burleigh beach. The afternoons are the time in the day when I miss the boys the most so a bit of beach therapy was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon!

It was Grace's first real beach experience and she seemed to love the whole thing - something tells me that we will be making regular trips to the beach this summer.


FairyFables said...

Hi Sweet Donna,

Grace is beautiful! I felt goose bumps and tears when I looked into her eyes in this photo. What an incredible ray of light she is.

I hope you are doing OK without Whyatt and Josh. How are they going? They must be having an awesome time! What an opportunity of a lifetime! Such a great age to be doing this sort of trip.

Hope all your family is wonderfull well - I look forward to another catch up some time soon. Certainly before or during Christmas!

Love you lots, can't wait to see you again.

Many Blessings,

Donna said...

Dear Teresa, So glad that you can read my blog - it is such an amazing way to stay connected! Boys are having a trip of a life time. Whyatt has especially loved Rome.... Josh is loving the snow in the Swiss Alps.
Can't wait to see each other soon,

Blessings for a wonderful Christmas,
Donna xxxxx