Friday, May 8, 2009

my mother

You were born the last child of three. You had a strict upbringing but not a fairy-tale one. You were determined to do the opposite when you had children. To allow us to be free individuals. You always let us choose our own clothes to wear. You let us co-sleep with you until we could not all fit in the bed any longer -Dad worked most nights making this possible. You never complained when we built cubby houses all through the house or when we had your favourite sheets all tied in knots and hanging out the window. When we dug holes as big as swimming pools in the back yard. You were giving - the times when we had foster children staying with us. Taking your friends young son under your wing when his mother died of cancer. A young boy that would end up staying with us on and off for many years. You even wallpapered and gave him his own room. You were the Mum that everyone loved.
Life was not easy for you with our Dad, you never complained- you were like a single parent raising three very strong willed girls! You were always a hard worker, working in less than desirable jobs to put food on the table. You would often say that you felt like you didn't do enough for us .... but throughout the hard times we always knew you loved us. You never smothered us, you always let us express ourselves. Yes, we all learnt how to stand on our own two feet from an early age. That has made us who we are.
Today you have three daughters who are caring, giving, loving and happy individuals - we are the essence of you and you of us.

Today you are an incredible women, mother, partner, nan, metaphysical counselor, celebrant, writer, gardener, student of yoga and a loving friend to many.
Thank you Mum

I am glad I choose you
I love you

Happy Mothers Day,
Love Bee x


Kitty said...

B, what a beautiful mothers day tribute, it made me very emotional and brought back some wonderful childhood memories. Love you, Kit xxx.

Melissa said...

Ahhh, mums.... yours sounds just like mine... feels so lovely to read your words of gratitude... thank you for sharing your blessing. Melissa xx

Melissa Ellen said...

Thank you Bee for sharing your loving thoughts about your mum, it quite inspired me to do the same. x

themagiconions said...

Your love has moved me to tears... what a beautiful post... thank you!