Wednesday, June 3, 2009

going within

I have been taking some time out from the blogging world of late. Family life has been busy and along with this I have had a few old health issues arise. My little one has also been under the weather and has been requiring lots of attention, cuddles and "milkies".

I am enjoying the cooler climate and am using this as an excuse to go within more. I have been pottering around the house with slippers and woolens on and with every direction I turn, there is always the sound of a little patter of feet very close behind me. My winter table is coming together and I will post a photo or two very soon. There are still a few more treasures to create.


Alicia said...

Take care, can't wait to see your winter table :)

Ariad said...

I love the litle feet and the sound they make as they pitter patter across the floor:)

Mama Moontime said...

the little shoes bring back memories of kindy years ago!
see you tomorrow!