Tuesday, December 15, 2009

building the christmas spirit

The Christmas spirit is slowing starting to build. Lots of hot sticky days and the winding down from a busy school term has kept my mind busy.

So there is nothing like jumping in the car and heading to a few favourite Christmas light spots.

I do love how so many people get into the spirit of things. Houses draped in thousands of lights and little old men wearing red suits and handing out candy canes.

There is also something special about having a little one in the family. She is so full of wonder and reminds us all of the magic of Christmas.

Every Sunday night our family have been sitting down together - listening as I read a chapter from the book "Advent Sunday Stories". There is a story for each of the Sundays before Christmas. The book covers the mineral, plant, animal and the human realms. I love how this little book gives a imaginary narrative of Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem.
It is so nice to sit as a family and listen to the true story of Christmas - even my Mr 15 (after a couple of rolls of the eyes) sits and listens intently!


Alicia said...

Beautiful- I love looking at the lights, but cringe when I think how much power they are using!

Kristy said...

Very festive photos, the christmas light displays always enhance the christmas spirit for so many xxx.

Margaret said...

Beautiful, isn't it so lovely to see the wonder in the eyes of children. I love your nativity table. So much love xxxx

Amber said...

Such a gorgeous post. I love seeing how other dedicated and lovely families celebrate and get excited. Beautiful...happy days to you guys...xx