Sunday, March 21, 2010

balancing life with creativity

Well it's busy in our little home, once again. Things have a way of gaining momentum. I am melancholic by nature and life itself can just seem overwhelming at times. My remedy for balance has always been to do something creative -whether it is working with fleece, writing, or sewing. My new little creative love is stamping and card making! This beautiful soul and friend Renee has introduced me to this art... and I am loving it.
My camera has been playing up but when I have it sorted I will share some of my new creations with you. It so nice to have something new and creative to be excited about, something just for me.

And this photo I just love! A girl and her teddy bear and boy oh boy does she love this teddy!

Wishing everyone a fun and creative inspired week!


Kristy said...

A beautiful photo of both Gracie and Teddy, a photo that Grace can treasure for ever xxx.

Alicia said...

So cute, a perfect photo :)

Lavendilly House said...

what a little button :)

Anonymous said...

Balance - probably the most difficult mean of movement, yet the most successful.

A wonderful Tuesday for you all.

Renée M-B. said...

Just got the chance to read this latest post. Your blog is really beautiful, heart-felt and sincere. Just like its writer :-) I'm so happy too that I've helped to bring some balance into your life through sharing my love of card-making and stamping with you! xx