Thursday, May 6, 2010


Recently I have been seeing a friend well my old midwife actually for TFT. In a few of my past posts I have written about keeping my life simple. This body of mine likes it like that and my soul too. I have been battling for some time with neurological symptoms - so the best way to stay balanced is to be gentle on myself.
Sometimes it can feel like you are the only one going through something like this, but I am reminder daily that so many people are battling or overcoming something. I continue to bring myself back to what I am grateful for and there is so much.

My mantra recently has been --- to live day by day, moment by moment, slowing, gently and with gratitude.
This is what is whats alive in my world at the moment. Sending love to you all and hoping that all is well in your world. x


Kristy said...

Sending love to you also, and wishing you a lifetime of good health xxx.

messyfish said...

Yes.. A simple life! I love your mantra. I may have to borrow it. Take care xxx

Jodi said...

I'm back online. I ♥ your mantra and its a great way to be.
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