Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Looking back on June

I often get side tracked from doing regular posts. Things big and small seem to get in my way. I get stressed that maybe I should just give the whole blog thing away..... but then I remind myself of why I keep a blog. For my family, a journal, something to look back on. Because all the moments that I blog about are my precious memories, moments that make up my life and I just don't want to forget them.

The month of June was a time of.........

* hosting and celebrating a dear friends blessingway.
* getting ready for my oldest son's 16th birthday, I am still getting my head around it!
* witnessing the beautiful sounds of my son Josh, playing a piece on his violin from the Schindler's List soundtrack.
* feeling a deep appreciation for my beautiful family and friends.
* saving my pennies and getting closer to buying my new camera.
* enjoying our winter fire this year, after a beautiful friend came to my home and cleaned out my fireplace! Thank you Louise!

I have added Josh's beautiful violin piece, just because....
oh, sorry about the bumpy recording (a tripod would of been good).


Melissa Ellen (Making Honey) said...

Hi Donna,
I know the feeling. I always get sidetracked from blogging. Our computer was stolen last November, so I couldn't blog for a while, and it's so hard to get back to it now. What I miss the most is keeping my family journal.

Melissa said...

Donna,I just love reading your blog. Doesn't matter to me that we only get to it every now and again. It's the essence of sharing and like you say, spending time looking back on beautiful family moments big and small... that's what draws me back.
Josh, you are going far. How exquisite!!!! xx

Kristy said...

Josh is just so talented, thank you for sharing his performance on your beautiful blog. xx

Margaret said...

I played this beautiful piece to a dear old friend yesterday, her eyes filled and she gasped as she felt her heart lifted. What a joy to be able to share the effort of such an exceptional young man xxx

Kristi said...

such a warm and touching post.

messyfish said...

Love your list of what you did. Having breaks from bloggging is essential. Self preservation even!