Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Life was so different before you.

I was surprised when you came,

so early, so tiny, so perfect.

I held you in my arms,

pretending that I knew how to care for you,

of course I learnt, I grew and so did you.

I still watch you,

wondering if I am doing an ok job of being your Mum.

Maybe that is how it is with your first born,

always wondering.

Together we learn a new dance everyday,

overcoming challenges.

I am learning to let you go,

to let you grow up.

And boy, I am so proud of you.

Happy 16th Birthday Whyatt,
keep shining.
Mum x


Kristy said...

Beautiful photos! I love what you wrote. You are an amazing Mum and Whyatt is such a great and talented 16 year old. Love and blessings to you both on his 16th birthday xoxo.

Margaret said...

I'm so proud of you, so proud who you have helped Whyatt to become. You are both extraordinary, you are both funny. I love you both xxxxxx

Kristi said...

beautifully written. happy celebrating.

The Everyday Mum said...

Just beautiful. Bought a tear to my eye. And I love the photos! Happy celebrating!

Denise said...

Congratulations to both of you. Your words touched my heart and brought a tear to my eyes as your love for your son shines through. My eldest son turns sixteen on 12th September. How fast time flies!

Lavendilly House said...

what a tear-jerker Donna!
You should be proud. Of him and you both :)

Renée M-B. said...

Oh, Donna, this is so sweet, heartfelt and beautifully expressed. Love the photos. xx