Tuesday, September 28, 2010

nearly 3 and a fairy morning tea

It's busy around here. School holidays have arrived and boy am I thankful for that. No school runs and warmer weather equals a happy me! I have had my busy spring hat on - cleaning out cupboards and preparing for my little ones 3rd birthday. She asked if she could have a little party.... she asked! I think after attending two in the last few months she has clicked onto something - parties are fun!
The thing is that I am not really into planning children's parties. We compromised on the party and decided on a small morning tea with just a few children. For someone who isn't into children's parties I have enjoyed making her little fairy inspired invites and browsing through this lovely blog for inspirations.

I have had my crafty hat on too. My hands and heart have been busy making a waldorf baby doll for Grace. I wish I could say that craft comes easy to me. It doesn't. However, I really believe that the love and joy of making something with my hands and giving it to my little one is priceless. So I push on. I am searching for a moses basket to put her new dollie in. Fingers crossed that one will appear in the local Op shop.


Kristy said...

How exciting to plan a party for little Grace. Your dollie looks like it will be beautiful too. Sending lots of fairy wishes and love for her upcoming birthday xoxoxo.

Kristi said...

i like puttering through the pages over at little lovely's blog too. happy celebrating over there. my littest little will be turning three soonish, and i just started a handmade project last night. i love crafting but i am slow when it comes to the process. xo.

erin said...

Sounds like the perfect gift for your little one. We just celebrated my daughter's birthday. Full of fairy magic from our family celebration to her small party with friends. She so loves pretending with fairies. Last night she asked her dad to fly her up to her room to sleep.

messyfish said...

The doll you are making has a beautiful face! So glad you are pushing on with it. I am sure she will treasure it for years. Oh... And morning tea party sounds like a great idea! Simple and manegable! Happy birthday to your little one.