Sunday, October 3, 2010

a blessingway for two

Today we sat in circle as women, sisters and mothers. We sang, nurtured and painted with henna. We enveloped these two beautiful pregnant women with love.

Each women bought a bead. The beads will be strung together and a necklace will be made to provide strength and courage for their birthing journeys.
My two friends will be birthing their babies in the safety of their own homes. After their babies are born - the women in their community will provide homemade meals for them. They will be supported and showered with love. Can you imagine if every women had this support after birth ...... just imagine.

There are so many ideas and things that you can do for a blessingway. For inspirations this book is perfect *Mother Rising : The blessingway journey into Motherhood
All these pregnant bellies are making me clucky!


Anne said...


Kristi said...

i love that henna tree. after i had tate the doctor turned the placenta inside out and held it up, it looked just like a tree with deep roots. he said, "the tree of life". i will never forget it.

Kristy said...

What a beautiful sacred time for you all :)

Anonymous said...

This looks beautiful! It is even more lovely that your two friends can share this experience together.

Your blog is great, I will definitely be coming back for more sneak peeks! Thanks for dropping by :)