Wednesday, October 20, 2010

turning 3 with fairies and gnomes

a little fairy turned 3 in our house a couple of weeks ago.....

the night before her birthday i told a special story about a little baby who was longing to come and live in our family (this was symbolic of gracie and of a new little waldorf doll that i had made in the weeks leading up to her birthday).

the look on her face when she met her baby doll on the morning of her birthday..... so priceless. she told me "mummy, her name is lucy".

gracie had her first birthday party this year. she asked for a fairy and gnomes party -who could resist that!
one of her favourite gifts was the bubble maker.

the plans for circle games outside in our garden and a treasure hunt were not to be. the rain came to visit and stayed all day.

so the children played contently in the sandpit. the bubble maker was a big hit too.

my heart was full with all the beautiful handmade cards and gifts grace received.

the little girls were given a pair of fairy wings. i made gnomes hats for the boys and stitched the first letter of their name on each hat.

the house was filled with handmade tissue pom poms. these pretty thing are very easy to make. there are lots of tutorials on the net!

we had lots of fun decorating and making everything look beautiful. i stamped out grace's name and punched out some patterned paper scallops. she loved her cake.

happy birthday darling girl. you were born into our hearts and home 3 years ago and we are so blessed.


Kristi said...

i love the photo of her pulling out her fairy costume. happy celebrating.

Kristy said...

Lovely birthday photos. It looks like everyone had fun, and the food looks very yummy!

the little gnomes home said...

What a beautiful birthday celebration for Grace! The doll you made is so sweet - I do hope mine turns out just as lovely :)

giozi said...

Congratulations Beauty Grace.
My chubby turnint 3 this week too. on Friday. next :)

giozi said...

I forgot. Yesterd I posted free paper doll printable.

ohhh I have to do pompons too. so many job to this week, AHHHHHHHHHHH

Obaitori Spiritual Mothering said...

She looks delighted. Seems like you had a truly magical day. It is so sweet how you set everything up for her special day. I'm sure she felt really Loved. Katie x