Monday, September 21, 2009

the joys of spring

my favourite time of the year.
spring in all it's glory
our family has been pottering about
enjoying the renewal and warmth that this season brings

we have celebrated with the spring festival at our steiner school

grace's little playgroup held a simple spring festival
she loved the songs, drawing and feast that was shared

attending the spring soriee at our lovely school
watching with pride as josh played the violin beautifully and his friend jenna sang "ava maria"

enjoying my boys homemade pizzas

spending time together
homemade food
picnic rugs and sunsets

making the most of this time of the year!


Kitty said...

Love your photos! A beautiful Spring seasonal table too. It's great to see the boys getting creative in the kitchen. Wish I could have been there to see Josh play the violin. You have a beautiful family B, and every time I see Grace she has grown, I miss you all, may you all have a joyful Spring xxxx.

Donna said...

aThank you Kitty, yes I wish you were here to see the beautiful moments in my family too. Wishing you and your blessed family a joyful spring also!

Amber said...

Yeah that is beautiful. I just love spring so much too. I love seeing other families enjoying and loving all of the beauty

Leanne said...

Oh such great ways to celebrate the start of this season. I can see why you are a proud Mama!