Thursday, September 24, 2009

a slower pace

i have been doing alot of soul searching. i have been asking the question for so long. how can i slow down. how can i live a simpler life. the last four years for me have been a challenge. health problems and anxiety have been very present in my life.

a few weeks ago i made a decision. to give up my fast paced life. what does this mean? it means very little if any outside the home commitments. it means no more playgroups (i use to attend two a week). it means only going to a shopping centre once every few months. it means taking a break from sporting activities with my two older children til next year. it means time to breathe.

what i am gaining from this decision. oh so many things. time and space. to plan and cook nutritious family meals. time to craft and sew toys and clothes. so much more time just for me and my family. less time spent in the car. time to potter about the yard and garden. space to be present and gentle with myself.

to live a slow and gentle life.

i am finding the beauty in simplicity.

to live with more consciousness.


Lavendilly House said...

Thank you Donna.
I am SO there with you. I have some decisions of my own to make and I am tending towards such a quiet home life ... but I will miss all the benefits of what I have been doing ...

Alicia said...

Good for you, my aim is to try not to put too much on my plate in the first place, I'm already feeling pressure to put my 3 year old into some lesson/class other than playgroup, but I just don't want to until she's in school, and it will be very limited when I do.

Amber said...

Oh that is so fantastic. I am so happy to read this here. I hope your new gentle life is exactly what you need it to be. I chose about a year ago to slow down and not be embarrassed to slow down. It has been the best thing for my mind, body and spirit, but also my children have benefited so much. Happy days to you sweet

Melissa said...

Good on you Donna!
Enjoy each and every beautiful elongated moment.

Kitty said...

B, a slower pace sounds just perfect, relax, enjoy and just be in the moment, a great time for making memories. Slowing my pace here too. xxx.