Monday, October 5, 2009

happy hour

The thing is our little home is not always peaceful.
Between the afternoon hours of 5 to 7 things can get pretty hectic around here. I have been guilty of calling this time"hell hour". There is always a flurry of activity going on.... computers on with boys doing homework, pots boiling on the stove, phone ringing hot (because I refuse to answer it) and nearly always a toddler around my ankles fussing. All these factors contribute to a grumpy mama and that equals a grumpy house.

My biggest son had noticed the pattern we had all gotten into. He asked if we could try something new for a while. His suggestion, to only say and do positive things from 5 til 7. He said it would be interesting to see if it made a difference to our stressful afternoons.

I just love when my kids come up with creative ideas. We decided that a name change was a must. Josh came up with the idea "happy hour". I love it all. We are nearly a week into it and boy what a difference it has made!

We are working like a positive team and if one person relapses the others offer positive reminders.

Wishing you a wonderful start to your week and many hours of happiness.


Kitty said...

What a great post! I have the same situation with my 5 - 7pm. I am going to use your "Happy Hour" method and thinking too. What creative ideas your kids have. We wish you many happy stress free 5-7times ahead of you. Have a great day. Love Kit xxx.

Melissa said...

Oh Donna you are so blessed with your boys and their wonderful ideas! What a fantastic creative response to felt chaos! Your kids know already how a healthy change in perspective and patterns impact your whole family life. And I love how you are practising it together!
I can't stop smiling! =)
Melissa xx

Renée - JoieDeVivre said...

Your boys are a testament to their wonderful upbringing and their beautiful Bee. How awesome is it when our children teach us. I've always called that time of the day 'cactus hour'. To implement your idea but to align the alliteration, I'll reconceptualise ours as 'cute hour':-)

Lavendilly House said...

It was a very intuitive observation indeed!

For me it is hungry hour and no amount of rephrasing changes a thing until every one is fed!! Then and only then is it happy hour :)
And I am in it right now so better hop to it and make dinner!!

robert said...

Allow me to bow silently in respect of both, your existence and the writing of you.
A I am sadly working during those hours, we usually have them between 9 and 11 in the evening, when lessons finally came to an end.
A heart-filled week for you as well.

Leanne said...

Ah...well we are going to try happy hour here tonight! So Wonderful!