Saturday, October 17, 2009

celebrating two

Last week we celebrated . Our littlest one turned two and simplicity was my mantra. The table was prepared the night before with her little gifts, a birthday spiral and a few flowers.

Grace's birthday was a lovely day. Our hand made gifts were lovingly received. I have to say - it has bought me great joy watching her play with her new treasures. The many hours of doll making was well worth it and this sweet doll is now named Lulu. Her Daddy spent many many hours building this minature kitchen - Gracie has already baked a few dozens muffins and many pots of soup for us all (hehe).

I made a simple gluten free cake with butter icing and a beetroot coloured heart. Gracie knew exactly who this sugary cake was for and lovely devoured a piece in 2 seconds flat.

The birthday spiral was lit and we all sang happy birthday including Grace herself. Some more sugary goodness was consumed - homemade cookies made by her big brother.

Time has flown by, I can hardly believe it has been two years since my little girl was born - gently and peacefully in our home. I remember just after she was born, looking straight into her eyes and feeling such awe and knowing for her. She had visited me many times, even before her conception. One visit still sticks in my mind (2 years before I conceived her).*Be patient, I am still here, I am a girl and I will be called Grace*.

This little one of mine is a lively character who has a love for teddy bears like no other. She also loves making cups of tea for anyone who pops in for a visit. The sandpit it is a favorite hangout where daily sand pies and other concoctions are created.

Our days are filled with her sweet little chattering and I love hearing her speak in sentences. Day nappies have vanished and the little white potty is a constant companion. "I'm a big girl now, I wear nickers", is one of her favourites (so sweet).

The fact that she still sleeps in our bed and has her little breastfeeds a few times a night is special to me. I cherish this connection and no matter how tired I may feel in the morning - I certainly don't tire of her little face looking up at me every morning saying "I'm awake now - porridge with tarnies please".

Happy Birthday sweet girl. There are no words to express how blessed we feel to have you in our world.


Kristy said...

A beautiful celebration for little Grace. She is so perfect and sweet. What lovely gifts you made, the wooden kitchen looks amazing and Graces' beautiful handmade doll looks just like her. The cake looked yummy too. We wish we could have been there to celebrate with her but I am sure we will get the chance to celebrate many birthdays to come with her. xxx.

Renée - JoieDeVivre said...

Oh mama bee. So sweet is this post. Your beautiful daughter is 2!! Does she like her doll??? How did you go with the clothes? The kitchen looks wonderful A beautiful celebration of her two years of life with you all. xx

Donna said...

Hello mama JoieDeVivre, yes she loves her doll. I was not sure if Miss Grace might be a little young for a limb doll but she loves her!Have not finished the clothes yet but adjusted an old smock/dress of Grace's for Lulu (dollie).

Thank you Kitty for the lovely comment also. Yes, it was a beautiful but simple celebration.

Lavendilly House said...

Hi Donna,
how did I miss Gracie's birthday?!?! Of course she is 2!! That means Rosella will be 2 soon too!! David's kitchen is just amazing....and Lulu...what can I say? She is simply divine. Happy Birthday Grace, love Jen and Rosella xx

Margaret said...

What a joy it was to be part of Grace's birthday celebration. To be able to feel her little arms squeezing us with a 'cuggle'. Little Gracie bear who is now two, we love you xxxxxx

Em said...

I love that you and the family lovingly made all Gracie's birthday gift's and food, it's so personal and brings a whole different energy to it. I also love that Gracie has been singing "happy birthday to Grace" everyday since...I wouldn't mind having my birthday everyday either!

Pomona said...

What lovely handmade presents - nothing you could buy would better them, and her face says it all! What a lovely day for her.

Pomona x

Alicia said...

What beautiful images you have captured, gorgeous handmade gifts for a precious child, that kitchen....swoon!

Melissa said...

Oh how sweet!!! Grace looks so happy =) Isn't that what it's all about! You have allll been blessed! What a beautiful celebration. Happy Birthday Gracie! xx

jodi said...

beautiful. my little one just turned two and everything is changing. it's a special time and i adore the simplicity of his life. everything is as it should and simple.

Leanne said...

Oh the sweetness! Blessing on two years to you all. What gorgeous handmade goodies...the happiness on her face just shines!
You know I remember that newborn *knowing* too...lucky Mama's.