Thursday, November 12, 2009

this time of the year

..... and with this spiral comes the end of a seven years cycle

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it's no secret to my family that this time of the year is the busiest time for me. This has been the main reason for my absence in this space. The other reason -- my son Josh is fast approaching the end of his seven year cycle at primary school. I have been busy helping to organise certain things with the graduation..... I have also been processing the end of a cycle for me personally (more of that in the next post).

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Because this blog is only new (one year old) I wanted to reflect back on Whyatt's Year Seven graduation. This boy of mine graduated at the end of 2007. It was very much a beautiful ceremony.

Whyatt had 3 teachers through his primary school journey. A creative and musical teacher, Simon for class 1 and 2. A beautiful and sensitive teacher, Skye for class 3, 4 and 5. And a strong and determined teacher, Kalindi for class 6 and 7.

These special teachers imparted so many gifts on the children and I will be forever grateful, as a parent and a mother that they were a big part of Whyatt's life.

The ceremony was opened by Til - the longest standing teacher at the school. Both Kalindi and Skye sang "May it Be" (Enya) a song off the soundtrack from Lord of the Rings.... it was beautiful.

The class of young adults walking into the spiral

Each child was honoured with a little speech about how the teacher saw them -- their strengths and good qualities. Kalindi also gave them a values to work with -- something that she felt would bring more balance into their lives. Whyatt's was diligence!

This was Whyatt standing , listening and waiting for his brother Josh to hand over his staff. (The staffs were loving made by the teachers - sanded and embellished).

Two brothers meeting in the middle - in typical Whyatt and Josh style they both laughed when they came together and shook hands.

It has been two years since Whyatt left this gentle and nurturing school. He is loving his new school -- with all the children, variety and opportunities. But, he often reminisces about the many memories of Silkwood .

Oh and he still has his staff standing tall in the corner of his room.


Kristy said...

Such a beautiful reflection of Whyatt's graduation and time spent at Silkwood. He was so lucky to have those amazing teachers in his life and to have been able to go to Silkwood. Our children seem to grow up so fast, it is wonderful that you have your memories and photos of this special event. A lovely heartfelt post.

Lavendilly House said...

I am looking forward to coming to Josh's graduation - when I saw the photos on your post I panicked for a moment and thought I had missed it!!!

Em said...

Can't believe that Josh is going to graduate seems only yesterday that he graduated from Kindy! It will be the end of an era with all those wonderful years at silkwood.

Renée - JoieDeVivre said...

What a beautiful rite of passage for Whyatt. Like Kristy said, he was extremely fortunate to have had such a positive primary schooling experience with such noble philosophical underpinnings. If only all children could have this same opportunity. xxx

Anonymous said... be a child.

Impressive to see how beautiful things can be on the other side of the Atlantic, as things over wouldn't ever be able to get that nice over here.