Sunday, November 22, 2009

to walk a different path

Step by step. Ten years. I have been walking this path. Hundreds of faces I have greeted. Carrying children. Holding children's hands. Walking beside them. This path has been my journey.With little then 2 weeks left of school for Josh - this path is over. The end of a chapter.

I look back to the beginning of my journey at Silkwood. We were the first ones. We were the pioneering group. This beautiful school was led by teachers and parents united - we all held so much optimism and enthusiasm. The parents and children took pride in something great. Teachers, parents and children all stood side by side and built this school. From the hay bale walls to each brush of paint to scattering seed which later become beautiful gardens.

We were all very aware that we were the pioneers of something great. This was a privilege granted to only a few. It was a time when everyone knew each others first and surnames. I loved that. Seasonal festivals were so intimate.

The years have past by with many amazing experiences. Memories that my children and I will forever cherish.
Today 10 years on this little school is not so little anymore. It has changed in many ways but still offers a unique education for those that choose it.

I will be forever grateful that my children had this experience for their education. The friendships that my children and I have made will last a lifetime.

At this point it is the end of my journey at Silkwood. Grace will be homeschooled for her early years and then we will see.......


Margaret said...

I am filled with such strong and wonderful memories of the boys and Silkwood School. My heart is so full as I read your thoughts Donna, it has been 10 years of growing and learning for all of you. I know you have so many treasured friends and memories of the wonderful pathway of education that Rudolph Steiner offered our children. I will be with you and Josh in spirit on graduation day. Nan xxx

Renée - JoieDeVivre said...

It is indeed the end of an era. xxx

Kristy said...

As one path finishes another begins. Your footprints and those of your children will always be etched in the golden path that you have walked. A beautiful school and wonderful memories.

Amber said...

Oh good luck with your new path, may it be full of hope and so many more wonderful memories...xx
Lovely post..

Amber Greene said...

Donna, I too believe my journey here has finished. Shame it all ended on such a disappointing note and shame that these new families don't know what they have missed.
Still, I echo your thanks for the wonderful 10 years. It was remarkable and special and sacred. We did leave our footprints. I know we are different people because of this journey, and I am so glad I shared some of it with you and your family and children.