Monday, November 30, 2009

our carols

this is my boy - and his violin. he was acknowledged, as the longest member of the school orchestra.

he played a little solo - "away in a manger". it is one of my favourite christmas carols.

it was beautiful - his playing and the whole evenings events.

i hope everyone is enjoying this special time of the year.


Kristy said...

May you all have a wonderful and safe christmas season. Josh has such talent, I wish we could have heard him playing at the carols xxx.

Teresa Bilowus said...

Bethany is STILL waiting to learn violin - all from watching Josh and Whyatt play at your house one day....years ago!!!
Thinking of you Donna (as always!) and sending you lots of love xxx

Anne said...


Renée - JoieDeVivre said...

mama bee, your son looks beautiful - what a great technique :-)