Wednesday, February 3, 2010

finding the rhythm

It's been a busy few weeks. Lots of fun, laughs and hours spent with family.

It is quiet now with my boys back at school.

My family have all returned home.

Now all that is left is for my little girl and I to find our rhythm again.

Above are two of my favourite images of January. This is me and my big sis Kristy. The other, Grace and her sweet cousin Deja.


Amber said...

Yep beautiful photo' lovely.
We are too finding our new rhythm too...a new year, the rush over and life finding a new pace, a new begining. Have fun finding yours...i know i am...xxxx

Amber Greene said...

Hi Donna
Missed you today! Hopefully next time. Love Katy's photos of Grace- I must ask her to do some of Ned like this. Gorgeous!
Amber (MamaMoontime)

Kristy said...

We had such a great time staying with you. I really wished we lived closer so the girls could grow up together, and so we could see each other more. I love you little sister. xxx