Wednesday, January 13, 2010

the unfolding

(thanks to my friend katy- for taking these sweet images of Gracie)

i have been away from this space,
playing mostly with my little one,
and laughing with my boys.
lots of reading too
but now i am pulling myself out the clouds,
it's nearly time for life to return to routines.

but, i still have 2 weeks left
and i am hanging onto them.
a visit from dear family is still to come,
some from far up north
some from overseas.

a trip to new zealand to plan
a family reunion to attend,
a rich maori heritage to reclaim.

and many many more exciting things waiting to unfold for 2010.


Kristy said...

Beautiful photos, and a wonderful year ahead for you. Connecting with ourselves and with family is always a blessing. Enjoy your journey.

Alicia said...

Very sweet, I need to get some photos of my girls before they get too big!

Renée M-B. said...

This is beautiful Donna. We are so blessed, aren't we? Looking forward to furthering our friendship in 2010 and to further reading of your poetic, life-affirming blog. xx

Melissa said...

Hi Donna
Happy 2010 to you =)
How gorgeous is your little one!! Love your new header too...what better way to show appreciation for a beautiful hibiscus, than to give it a little kiss. So sweet! xxMelissa

Jodi said...

Gorgeous photos. With two weeks before routines start, we are making lists of new ones.....that we WILL stick to this year! I seem to be wasting alot of hours and need lists!

Primrose Beresford said...

Love the little dress -very sweet, and so nice with the amber beads.

Enjoy planning your journey.

Best Wishes

Vic said...

Beautiful photos - Beautiful girl!